The Wealthy Wellpreneur Online Wellness Business Course

Introducing our Premium Biz Training for Wellpreneurs – like YOU! 

The Wealthy Wellpreneur is a collaboration between Caroline Stewart and Timmie Horvath, two fierce femme entrepreneurs who have spent their careers building their own Wellness Businesses from the ground up.

As they continue to live their dreams of serving others in the Wellness Industry, they’re excited to bring what they’ve learned together into this AMAZING course.

Questions You’re Asking:

♡ How can I get this Wellness business of mine growing, STAT!?

♡ Where do I even start?

♡ How do I make this dream a reality?

♡ Where do I find other business owners just like me to connect with?

♡ How can I start earning real money?

♡ How do I market myself and my business authentically?

What You Can Expect From The Course:

♡ LIFETIME ACCESS to course materials, including additions and updates

♡ A Visioning Guide for Your Business – Learn How to Manifest Your Ideal Biz and Life

♡ Instructions and Worksheets for Creating a Fully Functional Business Plan

♡ Practical Techniques for Abundance & Financial Planning

♡ Mindset Training for Busting Through Limiting Beliefs Around Money

♡ Guidance on How to Market Yourself Authentically, Both Offline and Online

♡ A Social Media Planning Kit


The Wealthy Wellpreneur Online Wellness Business Training Edmonton